FFY21 HUD Continuum of Care Competition
The Chittenden County Homeless Alliance receives funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Every year, we post an RFP (Request for Proposals) for HUD funds.  The 2021 RFP was announced on Tuesday September 14th, 2021 (see below).  The CoC Project Ranking List Final Determination for FFY 21 will posted here.
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Posted November 12th 2021

Following a Special Meeting of the CCHA on November 11th, 2021 

here is the approved consolidated application. Click on the links to read the submission for the HUD CoC NOFO 2021

FINAL  CoC Approved Consolidated Application and

Final CoC Approved  Priority Listing

Thanks to everyone who helped with input for this application.

Please send any comments or concerns directly to Marcella Gange of CEDO (the CCHA Collaborative Applicant) at or (802)865-7178 no later than November 12th, 2021 .


Posted November 10th 2021

CoC HUD NOFO FY 21 Priority Listing For Approval by CCHA

CoC HUD NOFO FY21 Application for Approval by CCHA

The Chittenden County Homeless Alliance’s Collaborative Applicant has completed a draft of the Collaborative Application and Project Listing that CCHA will be submitting to HUD for over $1 million dollars of funding to serve those in our community experiencing homelessness.  These documents are being posted here on our website, have been emailed to the CCHA listserv, and will also be posted on the City of Burlington’s website.

Posted November 8th 2021

Draft of Consolidated Application for comment and approval

Project Applications: CEDO Beacon, CEDO ECHO, CEDO Housing First, CEDO New Horizons, CVOEO 1, CVOEO 2, ICA, Pathways RRH, STEPS 1, STEPS 2.  The priority listing may be found below.

Please send comments to  – CEDO, City of Burlington – Collaborative Applicant

Please attend the CCHA Special Meeting to consider submission of the FY21 CCHA VT-501 funding application to HUD, Thursday November 11th at 9:00am.

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Meeting ID: 874 2000 3264 Passcode: 920198


Posted November 4th 2021

CCHA Special Meeting to consider submission of the FY21 CCHA VT-501 funding application to HUD, Thursday November 11th at 9:00am.

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Meeting ID: 874 2000 3264 Passcode: 920198


  1. Review of CoC HUD FY 21 Funding application
  2. Vote to approve submission

Posted October 31st, 2021:

Chittenden County Homeless Alliance (VT-501) CoC Project Ranking List Final Determination for FY21 CoC Program Funding

The Chittenden County Homeless Alliance (CCHA) Ranking Committee has reviewed all project applications that were submitted for consideration for FY21 Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Funding.  The CCHA Steering Committee/Executive Committee approved the ranking and reallocation recommendations of the Ranking Committee on 25th October 2021.

A link to the CoC Program Project Ranking Final Determination for the FY21 Continuum of Care Program Competition:  VT – 501 FY21 CoC Program Project Ranking – Final 

This list represents the projects that will be submitted to HUD as part of our CCHA CoC’s consolidated application and includes all accepted projects, no projects were rejected or reduced.

There were no appeals from project applicants this year.

Posted September 14th, 2021:

Please find the full Request for Proposals and Initial Project Application      here (in PDF) or here (in WORD)

As the Collaborative Applicant for the Chittenden County Homeless Alliance (CCHA) Continuum of Care, the Community & Economic Development Office (CEDO) is accepting proposals for new, renewed, expanded or bonus projects as outlined below with 2021 Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

CCHA is soliciting proposals that address housing and service priorities established through the Continuum of Care, with priority for serving homeless vulnerable populations including persons experiencing chronic homelessness, persons fleeing domestic violence, unaccompanied youth, and families with children.

There is approximately $1,145,908 in funding available for projects to serve those experiencing homelessness and over $144,457 in bonus project funding.

Organizations that do not currently receive CCHA CoC program funding are encouraged to submit proposals. Current recipients of this funding are also welcome to apply. Deadline for proposals is Friday, October 8th 2021 at 4 PM.

The CCHA 2021 Request for Proposals is available upon request in alternative formats for persons with disabilities.  Please contact the CCHA Collaborative Applicant, Marcella Gange of CEDO, for this or any other reason, at, 802.865.7178.

Please share this announcement widely with your networks!




Thanks to everyone who helped to complete this application!

Please send any edits, comments or concerns directly to Marcella Gange of CEDO (the CCHA Collaborative Applicant) at or (802)865-7178 no later than November 12th, 2021 .


Chittenden County Homeless Alliance (CCHA)  CoC
Update 2021 SCHEDULE:  HUD CoC NOFA Homeless Assistance Application
HUD releases FY21 Grant Inventory Worksheet Jun-21 CEDO – CA
HUD  releases FY21 CoC Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) August 19th 2021 CEDO – CA
Presentations begin on current CoC-funded projects July 1st Meeting Steering Committee
Chittenden County HA Steering Committee vote – Ranking Policy/Priorities, Committee July 1st Meeting CCHA Steering Comm
Scoring and Ranking Materials posted to website September 13th 2021
Request for Proposals Released – request for proposals from all applicants for CoC grants – PH/DV bonus projects, renewals September 14th 2021 CEDO – CA
Collaborative Application reviewed – questions submitted to various CCHA partners for information and answers September 20th 2021 CEDO -CA
APRs from current projects due  via email to CEDO October 1st 2021 Renewal Applicants
Current Projects present information to Steering Committee October 7th, 2021 CoC-funded agencies
Steering Committee Votes to allow the Executive Committee to approve aspects of submission that may fall outside of the timeline of meetings October 7th 2021 Steering Committee
Requests for proposals due  via email to CEDO – 4 PM October 8th 2021 Applicants
All Proposals, Performance Data forwarded to Application Ranking Committee October 11th 2021 CEDO- CA
Collaborative Application Questions– CCHA partners to submit information and answers October 12th 2021 CCHA partners
CCHA Application Ranking Committee meets mid-October to review, rank prioritize all projects and applicants notified by email from CEDO October 13-20th 2021 Application Ranking Committee
HMIS NOFA Section – to work on with ICA. October 13-15th 2021 CEDO – CA/ICA
CEDO notifies all applicants by email of hteir ranking and accept, reallocate or reject. October 22nd 2021 CEDO
Ranking Committee sends ranked and prioritized project lisitng to CoC EC October 22nd 2021 Application Ranking Committee
Appeals – proposed applicants that are denied or received reduced funds may submit an appeal to the CoC co-chairs October 25th 2021 Applicants
CoC Approves Ranking and Project Listing October 25th 2021 CoC EC
Match Letters submitted to Collaborative Applicant October 31st 2021 Applicants
Projects – completed and submitted into esnaps October 31st 2021 Applicants
Posting of Ranking and Priority Listing October 31st 2021 CEDO-CA
Letter due to applicants – accept/reject project applications and project listings (Sent on October 22nd) Before October 31st 2021 CEDO-CA
Review of Project Applications for completeness November 6th – 10th 2021 Volunteers – TBD
Review: Consolidated Application by Steering Committee/ Officers November 6th – 10th 2021 TBD
Review of Consolidated Application: Posted on website and noticed to members November 9th 2021 CEDO – CA
Special Meeting of CCHA to approve submission of application for fundng November 11th 2021 CCHA
A Solo Applicant – with a denied/reduced CoC project may submit a direct appeal to HUD ( AFTER submitting a complete project application in ensaps before the NOFA submission deadline November 16th 2021
Consolidated Application Submission – DUE before 7:59 PM BY November 16th  2021 CEDO – CA