Vermont Veterans Committee on Homelessness

The Vermont Veterans Committee on Homelessness (VVHC) meets three times a month and is comprised of a coalition of homeless Veteran provider agencies working together to address Veteran-specific housing needs throughout the state. A primary focus of the committee is to end Veterans’ homelessness as part of a national federal initiative involving three federal partners: Housing & Urban Development (HUD), United States Interagency Council on Homeless (USICH), and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

The Veterans Committee’s collaborative work is guided by the following Criteria and Benchmarks for Achieving the Goal of Ending Veterans Homelessness.

The Committee has monthly calls to assess and improve upon the homeless assistance system in Vermont for Veterans and bi-monthly calls to do case conferencing.

Contact Jason Brill, Chair of the Veterans Committee for more information.

Veterans Committee Policies

VVCH Governance Charter

VVCH Governance Charter Appendix A

VVCH Coordinated Entry (CE) Appendix