Coordinated Entry System

Chittenden Coordinated Entry Overview

Chittenden Coordinated Entry is a system to streamline access to housing supports and resources in Chittenden County.  The system was developed to assess and match households experiencing homelessness for eligible services based on vulnerability, sustainability, and length of homelessness through a standardized, scored assessment. Each eligible household will be referred to a housing case manager and added to a master list of homeless households, which is reviewed on a weekly basis by coordinated entry partners for appropriate housing opportunities.  Coordinated entry is a tool for better identifying the housing needs facing our community.

Currently, eligible households include HUD-defined literally homeless and imminent risk households.

  • Literal homelessness is defined as someone who is either in a shelter or in a place not meant for human habitation (vehicle, outside, abandoned building, etc).
  • Imminent risk is defined as someone who will be literally homeless within 14 days (meaning they have a date they have to be out of where they are currently staying).

To be referred, please fill out our initial referral form (Printable version, Fillable version). Once completed, email the referral to, or drop it off in person at 255 Champlain St, Burlington, VT, 05401.

CE Policies and Procedures

Coordinated Entry Forms

  1. Release of Information
  2. Sustainability Assessment
  3. HMIS Form- Adults
  4. HMIS Form-Minors
  5. FSH Questions
  6. Vulnerability Assessments: