• A Town-hall Meeting led by the Public Safety Committee of the City of Burlington
  • May 22, at 6:00PM, in the Chapel of the Salvation Army, Burlington VT.

Please consider having dinner in the dining hall between 5:00 and 6:00 prior to the meeting.

This meeting is a direct response to the concerns of activists who demanded that the city listen to the homeless community. Adam Roof, of The Public Safety Committee, was sympathetic to this need and held a hearing in April to hear about the camp closure policy. This hearing made obvious that the policy was immature and needed much more input from the homeless community, and we decided to hold a meeting at the Salvation Army.

A common question from members of the homeless community is whether the Mayor would be attending. He has been invited, but his plans are not yet known.

Please distribute this information to your network. Although the camp closure policy is Burlington specific, this is an opportunity for members of the homeless community to speak out, whatever town they live in.

City and town officials are invited to listen and hear. Advocates and allies of the homeless are asked to hold their thoughts, until, perhaps, members of the community have all spoken. Please come to listen. Community members who are homeless or housing insecure are invited to please come and tell their story.

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