Coordinated Entry System

Dozens of local organizations are working together to help those who are experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness, to find housing and get connected to support and resources in our community.

>> This primer was created to help clarify the HUD definition of homelessness and to help with documentation.  Many thanks to Lindsay Mesa from Pathways.

>> This is the CONSUMER SURVEY for selected case managers

Coordinated Entry System Forms:
  1. CES Policies and Procedures (posted Dec. 2018)
  2. Veterans Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures for CCHA Appendix X (posted April 2022)
  3. CE Initial Referral Form-Fillable // CE Initial Referral Form  (posted March 2022)
  4. CE Client Release Form- Fillable // CE Client Release Form(posted April 2022)
  5. Sustainability Assessment (posted Dec. 2019)
  6. HMIS form (posted July 2020)  
Below are the five Vulnerability Assessments (separate forms for each of the sub-populations):
  1. Vulnerability Assessment – Single Adults (posted Dec. 2019)
  2. Vulnerability Assessment – Families (posted Dec. 2019)
  3. Vulnerability Assessment – Transition Age Youth 
  4. Vulnerability Assessment – DV– Single Adults ( posted Dec. 2019)
  5. Vulnerability Assessment – DV – Families  (posted Dec. 2019)